African Salihiya Cargo & Clearing

Our Contract: The following Terms & Conditions make up the contract between the Sender of the shipment & ASCC Logistics (hereafter referred to as the Sender & ASCC Logistics respectively). Shipment: For the purpose of this contract, shipment means the acceptance by ASCC Logistics from the sender or his agent for delivery of a letter, small packet or parcel to a destination which ASCC Logistics delivers such shipments. By signing this Shipment Waybill, the sender certifies that the shipment details they provided are complete & accurate. Kenya Communication Act 1998: This contract is subject to this Act & any subsequent legislation. Prohibited shipments: In consideration of operational, legal & risk management implications, ASCC Logistics has prepared a list of items that are not acceptable for conveyance under any circumstance. A complete list of the prohibited shipments is available on ASCC Logistics website.