Leafe & Hawkes

The partnership between Hammann & Prahm Reederei GmbH & Co KG and Leafe and Hawkes Limited was established in 1987 when the first in a series of new buildings was launched. During the following years, the other vessels owned by Hammann & Prahm, together with a series of further new buildings, came together to form a substantial fleet with a wide range of sizes and a reputation for reliability, flexibility and excellent service. All our vessels are modern one box hold, one hatch tonnage, suitable for the carriage of many different types of cargo, including steel, grain, fertilizers, ammonium nitrate and ferro-silicon in bulk.

Packaged Timber is a speciality, and all our ships are "timber-fitted", carrying a full set of slings and tarpaulins. Together we operate the Baltic-England line, offering a frequent service for forest products from Finland to the UK, using our own ships discharging at our own dedicated Timber Terminals with extensive covered facilities.